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Oh dhan hai jo (Zaboor 1).mp3

Duwaa mungo aye mil ke (Zaboor 122-Part 2nd).mp3
Dukhan day wailay teri (Zaboor 20).mp3
Aye Yehowa de lok (Zaboor 130).mp3
Aye Yahowa zor tu (Zaboor 18- Part 1st).mp3
Aye Yahowa tere ghur (Zaboor 15).mp3
Aye sab zameen daye (Zaboor 100).mp3
Aye Khudawand aye rab (Zaboor 22).mp3
Asman biyan kardy khuda.mp3
Asi Rub Day Bunday.mp3
Apay upron hath wadha (Zaboor 18).mp3
Akhiyaan chukna haan (Zaboor 121).mp3
Aay Khodawand meray (Zaboor 16-1st Part).mp3
Aao rab di wadayaiye (Zaboor 95-Part 1st)
Aao ik nawa geet rab (Zaboor 96-Part 1st).mp3
Fazal nal aye (Zaboor 51-Part 1st).mp3
Geet tere naiyaan (Zaboor 101-2nd Part).mp3
Ghusay naal na jhirkien (Zaboor 38).mp3
Hun te mein Yahowa (Zaboor 55-Part 3rd).mp3
Jadoon teinu pukaran (Zaboor 4).mp3
Je Yahowa na ghur (Zaboor 127).mp3
Karo Rub di hun (Zaboor 148-Part 1st).mp3
Karo shukar-o-sana tusi (Zaboor 106-Part 1st).mp3
Khuda de parday haithan (Zaboor 91- Part 1st).mp3
Khuda tarso aao suno (Zaboor 66-Part 3rd).mp3
Khudawand nu udeekdi reh (Zaboor 67-1st Part).mp3
Khudawanda tu lashkaran (Zaboor 84-Part 1st).MP3
Khudawanda tu lashkaran da (Zaboor 84-Part 1st).mp...
Khudayaa apne bhaiyaan nu (Zaboor 22 -Part 3rd).mp...
Khudayaa teri roh tho mein (Zaboor 139-Part 3).mp3...
Mazboot mera dil hai (Zaboor 108-Part 1st).mp3
Mein khush hoya (Zaboor 122-Part 1st).mp3
Mein Sabar de naal (Zaboor 40).mp3
Meinu tu rehaye de (Zaboor 119-Part 20th).mp3
Meri aas hai teray utay (Zaboor 31-Part 1st).mp3
Meri duaa hun pohanchay (Zaboor 102-Part 1st).mp3
Meri jaan de teek (Zaboor 69-1st).mp3
Nihayet hai raheem Khuda (Zaboor 145 - Part 2nd).m...
Oh dhan hai jo (Zaboor 1).mp3
Oh dhan jis day bakhshay (Zaboor 32).mp3
Pani de sootiyaan di (Zaboor 42-1st Part).mp3
Pukaran kay Khudawand (Zaboor 81-1st part).mp3
Qeidi sehooni Yehowa (Zaboor 126).mp3
Rab ayali mere kol (Zaboor 23).mp3
Rab khudawand baadshah (Zaboor 24).mp3
Rab sach much oos (Zaboor 69-5th Part).mp3
Rab sada saday utay (Zaboor 67).mp3
Rab sada zoor (Zaboor 46 -1st Part).mp3
Rabb Khuda.mp3[x]
Rahey ga naam sada (Zaboor 72-4th Part).mp3
Rehmat naal hai bhariya (Zaboor 103-2nd Part).mp3
Sab laulon mangey maro hun (Zaboor 47).mp3
Sada tekar hai rehmat (Zaboor 118-Part 1st).mp3
Sadi badkaari rakhi hai (Zaboor 90-Part 2nd).mp3
Sareo loko tusi rab (Zaboor 96-Part 2nd).mp3
Shukar Yehowa da hi (Zaboor136 1st part.mp3
Sun aye beti (Zaboor 45-2nd Part).mp3
Tarke mein teinu dhoonda (Zaboor 63).mp3
Tarke mein teinu dhoonda (Zaboor 63)_2.mp3
Tere najaat de shook (Zaboor 119).mp3
Teri Haikal de which (Zaboor 48-Part 2nd).mp3
Teri Haikal de which kita (Zaboor 48-Part 2nd).mp3...
Teriyaan siftan de (Zaboor 92-Part 1st).mp3
Tu aakh aye meri jaan (Zaboor 103).mp3
Tu Yahowa meinu janda (Zaboor 139-1st Part).mp3
Tusi aye sadiqoo (Zaboor 33-Part 1st).mp3
Ya Rab tu meri panah (Zaboor 91 part 2nd).mp3
Yaad Yahowa di (Zaboor 22 part 4th).mp3
Yahowa merian batan de (Zaboor 5).mp3
Yahowa mubarik mubarik (Zaboor 28).mp3
Yahowa raj kurda (Zaboor 99).mp3
Zameen de waris howan (Zaboor 37-4th Part).mp3
Zameen de waris howan ge (Zaboor 37-4th Part).mp3

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